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About Company

Smallville Technologies was founded in 2014 as a multiservice organization that provides effective and simple solutions to help individuals, groups, small businesses and large corporations achieve their individual or business goals efficiently.

We are looking for highly-motivated remote marketers and sales consultants who are passionate about our vision of providing the simple and effective solutions needed by individuals and groups and are willing to help us promote our products and services to drive more sales.

Our company delivers topnotch IT Solutions, Graphic Design and Print Services, IT and Business Training Services, Real Estate Solutions, Business Centre Services and Procurement Services, and we hope to recruit awesome personalities willing to believe in us and join us in moving our organization to greater heights, while benefiting financially and otherwise, from their commitment towards our vision.

Basic Requirements [Remote Marketers & Sales Consultants]:

  • Excellent Communication Skills.
  • Knowledge of Social Media Marketing.
  • Ability to Productively use Word-of-Mouth to Market to almost Anyone.
  • Previous Sales and/or Marketing Experience.

Responsibilities [Remote Marketers & Sales Consultants]:

As a remote marketer or sales consultant, your job will be to primarily use any platform that suites you, to help market and drive sales to our company.

  • Promote Products and Services
  • Convince individuals and/or groups to patronize our organization

Renumeration [Remote Marketers & Sales Consultants]:

Payment is not fixed, it’s flexible, hence can be as low as nothing to as high as ₦200,000 monthly, depending on your commitment to marketing, and ensuring your leads are converted to sales.

Even more, you would not be limited to any target, but would have to at least convert 1 lead to sale monthly, which is quite fair.

Remote Marketers would earn from 8 – 16% commission on profit, while Sales Consultants would earn from 4 – 8% commission on sales.

Payment is accrued monthly and paid on the last day of every month.

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Apply in person at the office location – “144, Egbeda-Idimu Road, Seliat Bus-stop, Egbeda, Lagos State.”