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Smallville Technologies is a multiservice firm that offers simple and effective solution for ICT related business challenges; Training and education that add value to homes and businesses. We also offer Real estate and Property solutions, Printing Solution and Freelance Solution to help individuals and companies.  We implement infrastructure (IMPLEMENTATION) through a connection (CONNECTIVITY) medium that enables communication (COMMUNICATION) and secure (SECURITY) them appropriately and efficiently to deliver a smooth operation.

Smallville Technologies has strong points and otherwise but as a company we are out to eliminate our weak points and grow on our strengths and competence. We keep our word in Smallville because your word should be a bond, we always deliver as promised and we don’t make promises we can’t keep. Another strength of ours is that we give you the best and make sure it satisfies the clients.

We are certain that we will succeed because we offer the best service and Solution, at an unbeatable price. This is unmatched in the business. We have a well trained and experienced Engineers and Team that solves your challenges and give you solution.


Smallville Technologies is a team of dedicated young engineers and professionals with diverse field experiences and training, ever ready to go the extra mile to please our clients and customers. We bring a distinct engineering touch to whatever we do and we never forget to cover all the bases and multiply by 2.


To be the preferred go-to company for diverse solutions within and beyond our shores.


To make available and affordable to our customers and clients by providing various Solutions, Training and Services that makes life easier for them while impacting positively on their profitability and profit-making potentials. By bringing “Simple, effective, solutions” to your convenience



The goal is to be the preferred go-to company for diverse Solutions ranging from IT solutions, Printing Solution, Graphics, computer and networking solutions, Real estate Solutions within and beyond our shores, with loyal customers who not only know but trust us to get the best products and customer satisfaction.

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